Artist Statement

Helene Couture paints in a very innovative, and intuitive way, yet in a very  unique approach her different  points of view on nature. In her painting, she treats the floral, the environmental, the animal and the human themes with regular consistency, placing each element in context in order to portray the close relationship between her subjects and their surroundings.

Inspired by photos taken during her extensive travels, the artist dwells in her memory to create imaginary scenes. Her pictorial style transcends her subjects to give way to reformulated, redesigned scenes from the everyday life which she renders with intense colorful tones and slick brushstrokes. The portrayal of those moments captured in time adds a very symbolic dimension to her work.

Her  incredibly vibrant, color-drenched paintings  are brighter than real life, giving her subject the feeling that the world is a richer, more beautiful place to be. A much better one then the one we live in. Couture artistic style is unmatched.